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Preventive & Alternative health services
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Customized Dietary& Nutritional Programs.
We bring Science to supplementation.

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Look at the source. We offer forensic hair analysis from CLIA licensed US and German labs to anyone wanting to check their selenium, zinc and 53 other mineral tissue levels while revealing possible toxic / antagonistic elements, deficiencies and imbalances. With that includes customized support with a consultation. 


Healthy Immune system naturally

Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome



 “A healthy immune system is the most important weapon against the viral infections. There are several vitamins and trace elements which are essential for the normal functioning of the immune system [1]. Furthermore, supplementation of these have shown positive impact on enhancing immunity in viral infections. Vitamin A and D supplementation have increased the humeral immunity of pediatric patients following influenza vaccination [2]. A high dose Zinc supplementation has shown immune enhancement of patients with torquetenovirus (TTV) [3]. Similarly, Selenium supplementation has shown a positive response after an influenza vaccination challenge.”

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